Why the Flu Shot is Important

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We live in a world where people want the truth – yet are often overwhelmed if not confused by the huge amount of information and wonder who to trust.

People have heard a lot about the Flu and the Flu vaccine. The simple TRUTH is the Flu vaccine works! When your immune system sees the vaccine – it builds up the body’s specific ability to combat the flu virus to keep people from getting really sick or dying.

Recent data shows this value — Flu vaccine keeps people out of the hospital. We used to emphasize the flu vaccine for Elders, and now know that it has benefits for all ages.

This data shows Vaccination reduced hospitalization for influenza in 3 adult age groups.

  • 50-64 years = by 63.9%
  • 65-74 years = by 61.0%
  • 75 years and older = by 57.3%

Why does this matter? For lots of reasons.

#1. It’s no fun being sick – period.
#2. Getting sick impacts your life – it costs you time – it takes you out of the game for days or weeks.
#3. It costs you money — you miss work, lose income, and pay for medications, doctors and hospitalization.
Most people would invest $25 if it saves them $1,000, and One Single day in the hospital costs far more than $1,000 these days – even with good insurance – there’s copays that cost money most people would rather spend in a different way.
#4. Flu is a contagious disease – which means you can spread it to others – to people you know and love. Getting a Flu vaccine is not a selfish act — it’s an act of love — for those around you. You protect your family – the babies and grandma – or you break the chain of spreading to others who spread to babies or grandma. Most people would do anything for their kids, their mom or grandma. So do it for them.
Make sure you’re vaccinated and so is everyone in your family and community.

About The Author: STC avatarSTC is widely recognized as a leading public health informatics company in the U.S. We play a key role in protecting the public from diseases. Since 1988 we have leveraged our experience to develop solutions important to addressing and solving critical public health issues. Our staff is committed to improving public health through the applied use of population health data collected through modernized information systems.
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