Client/Partner Testimonials


“The partnership between The Healing Hands Foundation and STC is priceless. STC has provided expertise and a quality product that is extremely useful. During the past year STC participated in our medical, dental, and educational missions to Sierra Leone and Guatemala playing an important role in both. The information/reporting that STC is providing is an amazing way to tell our story with supporting data to our followers, our donors, volunteers, the public, media and the world. The product that STC is preparing after each mission will help us plan for improved performance on future missions. In addition, the reports will help us acquire grants that we are planning to pursue.”

Executive Director/Co-Founder, the Healing Hands Foundation

“That was the best talk I have heard on the basics for interoperability exchange from HIEs to immunization registries.”

Public Health Coordinator, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, US Dept. of Health & Human Services

“We greatly appreciate your support. ASIIS [Arizona Statewide Immunization Information System] is a great system and tool – and you and your team have been by our sides in trying to improve our ASIIS functionality to better serve our ASIIS customers. Thank you!”

Office Chief, Arizona Immunization Program, Arizona Department of Health Services

“STC, a company known for their dedication to Public Health IT. STC led some of the first forays into Public Health IT when PH-IT was a niche field and serving the Public Health Community was considered risky. Through excellent service and an ability to remain flexible in serving the needs of an ever changing public health environment, STC has continued… to serve the health needs of town, cities, and states nationally through IT solutions.”

Asst. Program Director/IIS Manager, Maine Immunization Program, Maine Department of Health and Human Services

“Thanks, STC, for helping us go the extra mile for our provider community!”

Immunization Registry Operations Manager, Office of Immunization and Child Profile, Washington State Department of Health

“We appreciate you folks! Thanks for helping ensure that our kids get their vaccines, and get them as they should. This is probably the single most important thing we do.”

Physician, Louisiana State University Health Service Center, Pediatrics

“…so once again I would like to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for the strong partnership between STC and Washington State DOH. The staff at STC work so hard every day to support Washington and the other STC states. Across the board your staff are professional, dedicated, energetic, and care about turning out the best possible product they can. Even though the year has been pretty chaotic and at times a little frustrating, when I look back at all that has been accomplished it is really amazing… Thanks so much to everyone at STC!”

Information Technology Specialist, Office of Immunization and Child Profile, Washington State Department of Health

“I have been using it [the STC Mass Immunization Module] for three years and this is the best outreach application I have ever used.”

Adult Hepatitis Coordinator, Arizona Department of Health Services

“First of all, I would like to say how excited we are to have the HL7 Implementation Guide, and thank you for all the hard work you and your team has put into the document. It looks great and we are eager to be doing our own review. Once again, thank you so much for your efforts with this – and know you are receiving an abundance of gratitude from Alaska.”

VacTrAK Program Manager, Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

“Thank you for employing such capable and affable people!”

Program Coordinator, Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

“…We love CHIRP [Indiana immunization registry], notably the STC forecaster and reminder/recall.”

Vaccine Account Manager, Pfizer, Indiana and Michigan

“I often have people comment on “vendor relationships” as if vendors are untrustworthy and ready to take advantage of anything they can. I make sure that they know that, while I have worked those types of vendors, that has not been my experience with STC. I hope you will take a moment, on behalf of the Washington State Immunization Program CHILD Profile, and thank all of your staff for the excellent work they do every day to support us. The CHILD Profile Immunization Information System would not be successful without them.”

Information Technology Specialist, Office of Immunization and Child Profile, Washington State Department of Health

“Our close working relationship with registry vendor, Scientific Technologies Corporation, allowed us to quickly get file specification in the registry in order, identify needed workarounds and plan enhancements.”

Immunization Registry Integration Unit Manager, Washington State Department of Health

“We owe our success to your great product BUT most of all to the commitment and stupendous dedicated staff (present and those who have left) in your Company, your commitment as well as your understanding in dealing with Louisiana’s nuances. Thank you very much for being part of our dreams and achievements.”

Director Immunization Program, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

“I have enjoyed our organization’s relationship with your company, and truly appreciate the work that [the STC staff] are doing for us.”

Community Development Director, Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)

“…We are really happy to see the direction that STC has decided to move the [CHIRP immunization registry] product – there have been many positive improvements and we are surprised by the progress in it we see.”

Immunization Registry Manager, Indiana State Department of Health

“We played with the scanners and v491 test version today a bit. Very impressive!… We’re anxious to show off the new functionality in the near future…Sincerely appreciated!”

Immunization Director, Wyoming Department of Health

“The [WyIR immunization] registry has been a god-send for us. We took the time when it all began and added all of our patients and since then the majority of the communities in the state have also. With a chicken pox epidemic it has been so nice to be able to accommodate people every day to see if their child has had the chicken pox. It has just been at the click of the finger. The time it has saved not having to pull the chart and being able to help people that don’t know for sure without really disrupting the flow of the day. Also we have been able to improve our numbers in the immunizations because of the summary that is printed off every day with the patient that is coming in for a well child visit.”

Office Manager, ABC Pediatrics, Gillette, Wyoming

“The organization of the test cases and the management of the tickets, combined with your willingness to meet our demo request were/are invaluable.”

Assistant Program Director/Manager Immunization Program, Maine Department of Health and Human Services

“…We are deeply thankful to STC and the great team that you all have! This is a toast of victory to you guys as well!”

Director, Immunization Program, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. [Regarding Louisiana ranking #2 in U.S. in 2008 National Immunization Survey (NIS).]

“…We finished training our OPH Employees on IDRIS’ Health Care Facility Module and DSMS, and it went really well! … They loved the look of the interface, had no trouble navigating around, loved the search and report capabilities, and overall thought it was a welcome improvement…(We heard a lot of ‘Oh, this is really good!’) And there were no glitches! Thanks so much for all of your help.”

Central Office Epidemiologist, Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program, Louisiana Office of Public Health

“…I wanted to let you know that NHEDSS 3.3 passed its UAT with flying colors and with high praise from the tester. We very much appreciate the quality of this product and the care that STC devoted to its creation.”

Chief, Bureau of Public Health Informatics, New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services

“…The STC Mass Immunization Standalone thumb drive module was very successful and a big hit with the nurses and data entry staff, with over 600 Hep A and Hep B vaccinations being given and entered into the system over two afternoons of the Gay Pride Event in Phoenix.”

ASIIS Project Leader, Arizona Immunization Program Office, Arizona Department of Health Services

“…UAT [on X-Sentinel, the regional inter-jurisdictional disease surveillance system] has been fun! I am pleased to have been able to sit down with a set of instructions, follow them, and have things happen the way they should!”

X-Sentinel User, Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)

“…The Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR) has so many tools to use, it is really the best solution for immunization data… reporting to WyIR is just the right thing to do. STC provides excellent customer service.”

Physician, Northeast Wyoming Pediatric Associates, PC

“…The response [to the Mass Vaccination Exercise using the STC Mass Immunization Module] was overwhelming. Instead of only 11,800 vaccinations, which was the statewide goal, we vaccinated >27,000 people in 6 hours. 92% of the data was entered real-time. Having real-time data at the EOC allowed us to easily see we would run out of vaccine during hour 3, allowed a statewide assessment of vaccine inventory, vaccine was shifted from both public AND private sources to complete the drill. No site was without vaccine. Overall, the drill was a HUGE success…. Real time data entry using our registry truly was a HUGE success of the drill.”

Medical Director, Pandemic Preparedness, Louisiana Office of Public Health

“…The presentation went great without any problems. Thank you so much for the back-up support during the presentation time. At the risk of repeating myself, I again want to shout my mantra that working with STC is such a pleasure!”

Program Manager, Alaska Immunization Program, Division of Public Health, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

“…In comparing the manual system to the automated one, what once took hours for state surveillance staff to investigate and follow up with hospitals, now takes minutes.”

Client Management Staff on STC Automated Hospital Emergency Department Data System, New Hampshire Department of Health & Human Services

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