– Consumer Empowerment

Informed consumers are empowered consumers. Empowered consumers act to protect their health and the health of their family. STC’s empowers consumers by providing secure, authenticated access to copies of their immunization records and vaccine forecasts from Immunization Intelligence systems (IIS).

By registering on-line and being authenticated by a provider who participates, consumers can use a unique log-in to send an HL7 query to obtain a pop-up pdf copy of their IIS-based records. The system also provides consumers with the option to store a copy of their records in a third-party Personal Health Records system, such as Microsoft’s Health Vault™. Additional state-configurable features may include automated passive reminders and consumer notifications – all without cost to the consumer. The benefits? Increased immunization rates. Control of over/under immunization. Improved consumer-provider interactions and preventive services opportunities. Informed individuals. Empowered consumers.

IIS managers also benefit. can provide you with a robust suite of administrative tools to control consumer accounts, create management reports, and configure a variety of functional elements. This ensures that only properly authenticated consumers use the system and also evaluates provider and consumer use. STC has carefully designed this system – with feedback from diverse national, state, and federal immunization professionals – so that data management is secure and confidentiality ensured. At no time does the consumer log-in to or directly access IIS-based records. Consumers cannot edit IIS records. STC has designed the system so that there is no independent database of IIS data. Consumer access can be suspended (or restored) at any time. And, for consenting consumers, the system provides a direct e-mail connection between your immunization program and a population ready to be empowered by more public health-oriented information. The system can also be configured to work with STC’s MyIR™ application for smart-phones! Contact us to discuss your interests in empowering consumers with access to copies of their immunization records.


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