OMS+ – Outbreak Management System

Outbreak management is a key responsibility of all local and state public health authorities. Recognizing the need for a new generation of outbreak management user tools, STC has designed, developed, and implemented a web-based Outbreak Management System (OMS+) to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing environment.

The key tools of STC’s outbreak management system, OMS+, include:

Decreased Data Entry Errors and Duplicate Entries:

  • Forms completed remotely during field interviews can be directly uploaded into OMS+. Direct transmission of data reduces both the time necessary to enter data and the chances for data entry errors.

Customized Interview Forms are Outbreak-Specific:

  • Forms can be completely customized to user’s needs, regardless of the outbreak size or type.
  • Field investigators can build forms to ask any number of questions deemed relevant, and every one of these fields can be directly imported into OMS without additional data entry.

Interoperability with STC’s Sentinel Disease Reporting System:

  • Directly upload cases associated with a particular outbreak into Sentinel based on criteria that the user gets to define, thereby identifying cases that were associated with the outbreak prior to the outbreak being identified.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry for disease reporting for reportable diseases when used with Sentinel.
  • Enter case data remotely without needing internet access.
  • Great for conditions when service is unreliable, or following major disasters.
  • Web-based, so can have multiple users filling out forms at the same time on the desktops.
  • Simple, multi-system compatible data exports for further statistical analyses or case mapping.

Key Functionalities of OMS+ Include:

  • Capability to build custom interview forms.
  • Bi-directional interoperability with Sentinel, STC’s state disease reporting system.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces potential for data entry errors.
  • Cases already in Sentinel associated with the disease outbreak can be automatically imported directly into OMS+.
  • Field users can enter data into OMS+ forms on remote laptops/desktops.
  • Multiple defined user roles including user administrator, system administrator, and investigator.
  • Ability to export information to .csv file format (compatible with most any statistical software application or geographic information system)

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OMS Screenshot #3

OMS Screenshot #3

OMS Screenshot

OMS Screenshot


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