PHC-Hub™ – Immunization Interoperability

The STC Public Health Connection Hub, PHC-Hub™, is a suite of tools that provides the required functionality and management of HL7 messages (v2.3.1 and v2.5.1). PHC-Hub™ provides a powerful, comprehensive, and easy-to-use solution to manage and assist both state Immunization Intelligence systems (IIS) onboard and monitor HL7 electronic data exchanges. It allows the IIS to evaluate data to ensure it is complete and correct and that it will successfully transmit to the IIS. The IIS may give vendors limited access to the product to facilitate mock data file testing according to their custom requirements.


Key tools in PHC-Hub™ include:

  • Provider Data Quality Profile Manager. Creates and manages individual data quality profiles for each submitting provider organization. Profiles can be created and modified to support the unique data quality settings for each individual provider organization. Supports sharing profiles between providers and creating templates for use by all providers of a certain type (e.g., pediatric facilities).
  • Data Quality Trend Validation. Allows a user to view variations from past HL7 messages or all HL7 messages within a batch.
  • Transmission Tracker. Allows IIS to set parameters for expected message transmissions and sends alerts when the frequency or character of the transmission falls outside those parameters.
  • Error Management Utility. Allows a user to “drill down” to the field level to identify individual errors within the message.
  • Message Auditing. Provides archiving and auditing for all incoming HL7 messages for later review.
  • HL7 Message Validator: Provides the necessary tools to evaluate and validate incoming HL7 messages:
  • HL7 Message Constructor: Creates test HL7 messages based on a user entering the data needed in the message.
  • HL7 Message Deconstructor: Allows a user to paste in an HL7 message to split the message into fields for easy analysis.
  • HL7 Import Attestation Tool. Receives an HL7 file, conducts limited HL7 syntax validation and sends an acknowledgement back to provider organization or vendor. Provides reports on attestation milestones that each electronic interface reaches.
  • Project Tracker. Organizes, manages, and communicates the status of provider data exchange projects:
  • Allows IIS administrators and interoperability coordinators to set up each provider/organization project and enter notes on conversations and actions taken.
  • Sends email updates when status changes or notes are entered.
  • Provides reports by an individual provider organization, by state, or by vendor.

PHC-Hub™ supports Interoperability and Meaningful Use Guidelines for Immunization Information Exchange and is available as an integration tool for both IWeb™ and WIR IIS products.

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To download the one-sheet for PHC-Hub click here.

PHC Hub Screenshot #1

PHC Hub Screenshot #1


PHC Hub Screenshot #2

PHC Hub Screenshot #2


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