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Patients often fall behind on their routine immunizations because they are not mindful of the often complicated vaccine administration schedules. STC’s Stand Alone Forecaster (SAF) and Reminder/Recall module significantly assist immunization program staff and health care providers in increasing vaccination rates among patients with records in their state immunization registry.


Stand Alone Forecaster
STC’s Stand Alone Forecaster SOAP service allows an immunization registry application to obtain forecast information about the patient. The SAF module automatically calculates vaccinations in four categories: Recommended Date, Minimum Date, Past Due Date, and Maximum Date according to recommended Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) national guidelines. Using a powerful algorithm, the module computes and visually displays vaccination events for each of the categories based on data about each record that resides in the state’s immunization registry. The module “flags” past-due and currently-due vaccines and alerts registry users. The SAF tool integrates seamlessly and easily with existing immunization registries, either through STC’s IWeb registry or those from other suppliers. STC’s SAF significantly improves a provider’s ability to maintain current vaccination coverage among patients, avoiding missed opportunities for vaccination and providing accurate and timely projections of future need so that they can be effectively managed with minimum effort.

Reminder/Recall Module
The Reminder/Recall module allows providers to effectively and efficiently manage outreach and notification to patients who are past-due, currently-due, and next-due for one or more specific vaccines. Users work with an integrated web-based suite of tools to query patient records, view listings of patients who are due for immunization, and issue notifications to the patients in a variety of formats. Available formats include postcards, mailing labels, auto-dialer files for telephone contact, and customizable message content that is personalized to each patient’s circumstances. The interface, which can also be integrated into existing immunization registries, generates reminder/recall lists by user-specified sort fields (such as date of birth) that can be exported for use outside the module. The tools collectively afford providers significant cost savings in managing patient outreach efforts while greatly improving patient compliance, appointment-keeping, and overall immunization rates within the community.

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Stand Alone Forecaster Screenshot #1

Stand Alone Forecaster Screenshot #1

Stand Alone Forecaster Screenshot #2

Stand Alone Forecaster Screenshot #2

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