The STC Vaccine Ordering and Management System (VOMS) offers a complete vaccine management system for vaccine ordering/transferring, distribution, and accountability.

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The VOMS Module integrates with a statewide Immunization Information System (IIS) using Web Services. In addition, VOMS is fully compatible with the four VTrckS integration points (orders, inventory, provider data, and shipments). VOMS is able to manage all aspects of dose-level accountability.

  • Ordering — Ordering consists of two parts:
    • Reconciliation: VOMS electronically tracks inventory and administrations, while providing a form to allow providers to review and reconcile physical inventory with what is being reported by the application.
    • Ordering: A provider can review doses administered during the period since their last order was placed and the provider’s projected need based on historical use and current inventory. Providers order from a state-defined “order set.”
  • Approving  Orders can be approved by the state or a local health jurisdiction. Orders not meeting Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) requirements are flagged. Orders can be adjusted based on available inventory. Approved orders are exported into the VTrckS compatible file format.
  • Receiving — Details of the shipment are uploaded via an import from either McKesson or the VTrckS shipment file. When an order arrives at a provider’s office, the shipment is compared to the inbound shipment details in VOMS. The order is accepted or reconciled. When accepted, the inventory is available for administration to patients.
  • Reporting Available reports include:
    • Inventory Transaction
    • Cost Report by Lot Number
    • Doses Distributed versus Doses Administered
    • Cold Chain Tolerance Exception
    • Lot Number Summary
  • Additional features
    • Cold Chain Management: Allows providers to record refrigerator/ freezer temperatures twice daily and generate monthly temperature logs and exception reports.
    • Transfers: Tracks and accounts for vaccines transferred between providers or between a provider and the state.
    • Accountability: Provides a log of accountability submission requirements and date of last submissions.
    • Inventory Alerts: Alerts user to inventory that is running low, expiring and inbound orders/transfers.
Create Order

Create Order

Order Approval

Order Approval

Cold Chain Exception

Cold Chain Exception

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