X-Sentinel – Cross Jurisdictional Disease Surveillance

X-Sentinel™ is an inter-jurisdictional surveillance system to support disease and event case management across borders.

Planned X-Sentinel™ extensions:

• Integration of outbreak management tools, including a dynamic form builder to facilitate inter-jurisdictional outbreak investigations.
• Incorporation of syndromic surveillance capabilities through electronic links to hospital emergency departments, providing a regional view of early warning indicators.
• Addition of inter-jurisdictional chronic disease surveillance features for TB, obesity, STDs, and cancer.

Technical Characteristics of X-Sentinel™:

• Web-based.
• Supports secure electronic exchange of data.
• HIPAA compliant.
• Microsoft technologies.
• Easily hosted at any health authority.

What challenges does X-Sentinel™ solve?

If two our more health agencies are located on either side of a border (international, state, tribal, or metropolitan) have the need to securely share public health case data, communicate information, be aware of regional early warning and alerts within the local area, and leverage existing population health data systems, STC’s X-Sentinel™ offers these capabilities and more. Benefits of X-Sentinel™ include:

  • Provides a secure information sharing environment augmenting existing electronic disease reporting systems (EDSS).
  • Leverages disparate data sources to provide regional surveillance and situational awareness, while at the same time meeting confidentiality and data sharing requirements.
  • Supports event and outbreak notification and inter-jurisdictional event management.
  • Provides integrated data for epidemiologic investigations and management: case reporting, epi curves, spatial representations of data.

Download the One-Sheet

X-Sentinel Screenshot #3

X-Sentinel Screenshot #3

X-Sentinel Screenshot #2

X-Sentinel Screenshot #2

X-Sentinel Screenshot #1

X-Sentinel Screenshot #1

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